How Piano Tutorials Are Setup

Playing the piano is a great and very sought after skill. The beautiful music one can create when playing the piano is matched by very few instruments. The sounds created by those hammers hitting the strings can make such a subtle, soft sound and such a hard, powerful sound at the same time. If you’re interested in playing the piano, buying a piano tutorial is probably the first place you’ll start. But before you dive into any tutorial on the playing the piano, it’s a good idea to learn how they are laid out.

Most piano tutorials will start with an introduction on good practice and how to learn effectively. This is an important are to read and should not be skipped. You need to be dedicated if you wish to truly learn to master the piano. Reading these sections can help give you focus and motivation to learn the craft properly. Skim through it at the least, and you’ll find you may pick up some useful ideas or pointers. They often also contain anecdotes and stories that can help with some more basic questions you may have about playing the piano.

The next area most piano tutorials move on to is learning the notes on the piano. This section of your piano tutorial will likely cover all the different types of notes that are available to you on the piano. These include sharps, flats, naturals and the seven different notes on the keyboard. This is a fundamental section that needs to be mastered before moving onto other areas of a piano tutorial. Studying notes is what leads you to being able to play beautiful music so do not skimp on study and practice in this area. You need to memorize all the notes that are possible.

Once you’ve learned all the piano notes, committed them to memory and are comfortable playing them all will come time to learn all about piano scales. This area of study is more intense than learning piano notes, but is also fundamental to everything else you’ll learn when using a piano tutorial. In this section you’ll find out about major scales, minor scales and other types of scales that can occur when playing music. A piano scale is basically a series of notes that are harmonically tied together and sound “right” when played in succession. This is important to memorize, although it can take longer than the piano notes, because of the larger amount of piano scales as compared to notes.

The next section of almost any piano tutorial is one that covers another fundamental of playing the piano. These are piano chords – groups of notes that are played together and at the same time. How to play piano chords is important to learn, but not necessarily memorize. Because there are hundreds of different chords you can play, memorization would be difficult. What’s better is to memorize the rules of creating piano chords so they can be applied to almost any situation. In these sections of piano tutorials you’ll find out about major chords, minor chords, augmented chords, diminished chords and many other types. This is another section that is fundamental to everything else that will come after it. In another article, we’ll discuss where a piano tutorial might take you next.

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