How to Get Free Beats Online

Free BeatsIf you’re a rapper or singer you’re constantly on the search for hot beats to record your songs to. But what happens when the budget runs out or – worse yet – you don’t have the money at all to continue buying beats online.

Well thankfully for you there are a ton of places where you can simply download free beats. That’s right – rap and hip hop beats and some r&b ones too, absolutely free of charge.

There’s a ton of places online that offer free beats for rappers and singers, but only some of them are good. Some sites have a couple of hot tracks for free download and others don’t have anything available for free download.

And then there are some who are giving away all of their beats for free but they suck so bad that nobody wants to download them. That’s too bad for them really because even the worst instrumental in the world can be made into gold by great songwriting and some additional tweaking in the studio.

So if you’re interested in free r&b beats or free rap beats I’d definitely suggest you check out some of the places online where you can download them.

But be careful, if you download beats for free online you have to be sure you know what the licensing agreement for those beats is. A lot of times music producers will offer you free beats but then tell you you aren’t allowed to release or record a song on them.

In fact in most cases, you won’t be able to commercially release a song on a free beat. So you have to be careful with what you’re downloading and what you’re doing. Make sure you ask if you’re unsure. Other than that, free beats are a pretty great thing for most music artists, whether they rap or sing or both. Try them out sometime!

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